Ball gag, BDSM GEAR, Gags & Muzzles, Product spotlight, Silicone Breathable Ball Gag, The Stockroom -

The beauty of ball gags is how desire and surrender can become so much clearer when words aren't an option. Read more about one of our best-selling and favorite ball gags.

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Bondage restraints, Chastity cage, Male Chastity, Product spotlight, The Spike Cage -

Sometimes you just need to lock your sub’s cock up for safekeeping. And sometimes just locking it away isn’t enough; you need a little punishment to remind him how and when he’s allowed to use that cock. For those occasions, we always keep one of these stainless steel Spike Cages on hand. Read more about this devious chastity device.

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Body Harnesses, Leather Torso Harness, Product spotlight -

The Leather Torso Harness is a beautiful demonstration of our inspiration and care for our work: It embraces the entire upper body with 7 leather straps, each 1 ½” across and fitted with 8 buckles and 4 O-rings to accommodate whatever restraints you choose to keep the boy in his place. Read more about one of our favorite harness designs.

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Hoods & Blindfolds, Open Mouth Leather Hood, Product spotlight, Sensory deprivation -

The Stockroom's Open Mouth Leather Hood is a comfortable, easy way to let your submissive perform oral service while keeping his eyes and ears covered.

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Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit, Electrosex, KinkLab, Product spotlight -

Does electrosex seem enticing and yet kind of.... scary at the same time? Take a look at the Agent Noir Kit, featuring Stockroom's world-famous Neon Wand Electrosex Kit.

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