A shirtless man with blonde facial hair sits in a wooden chair while another man wearing a white leather jockstrap stands above him with his hand on the sitting man’s chest. The standing man holds a red neon wand with the Power Tripper attachment.

Playing with electricity may seem intimidating and even scary at first, but once you’ve tried it, there’s a whole universe of pleasure to discover.

Male Stockroom carries electrosex gear suitable for everyone from the ambivalent beginner to the aficionado who wants to go even further. Our very own KinkLab ElectroErotic line is acclaimed for the high quality of our Neon Wand Kit, along with a wide variety of glass and metal electrodes for you to choose from.

For those with more experience, we have available the best power boxes, electrodes, and accessories, such as conductive gel and lube. Get ready to light up your dungeon in the most literal way imaginable.

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