Two muscular men stand against the wall and embrace, with one facing the camera. Both men are wearing a jockstrap and The Gladiator BDSM black leather chest harness, which crosses over one shoulder and across the chest.

The saying "Clothes make the man" is as true in the dungeon as anywhere else, which is why we choose everything in our fetish wear section with a careful eye. Here, you’ll find the perfect harness, thong, collar or straitjacket to free a side of yourself that doesn't get seen in everyday life; that part of yourself that needs to be wild, or sensual, or a little touch of both, depending on the right moment.

We’re especially proud of the pieces that we design ourselves and make in our Los Angeles workshop, and want them to fit your needs and desires perfectly. If you need a piece that’s a little different, contact us about custom orders.

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