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Male Stockroom: Bondage Gear, Sex Toys, and Fetish Wear for gay men. Based out of Los Angeles, California.

What is Male Stockroom?

The Stockroom has been selling quality sex toys and fetish gear to fans of kink since 1990. That’s thirty years (and beyond) of joining our customers in exploring sexual pleasure to its fullest limits – and then a little beyond.

On the Male Stockroom we bring those thirty years of expertise to focus on the power and beauty of masculine kink. From the tip of the cock to the curve of the ass, to the small rise of the nipples, this is where we look at all a man is – and can be – in the dungeon and the bedroom. Whether your idea of hot sex is having your junk stroked and sucked or locking it in a cage; whether you crave the kiss of a whip on your skin, or you love watching the sub squirm as you smack their ass; whether you’re a curious novice or an extreme BDSM player; it’s all waiting for you here.

Step in and find out what kind of man you are – or can be.

The Stockroom Story

All Joel Tucker wanted was to tie up his girlfriend. It was 1988 and Tucker, an Occidental college student, headed to the local sex shop, smiling girlfriend at his side. Surely the basics for getting started in bondage couldn't be more than about 50 bucks, right? When Joel was presented with a potential bill of $250, he knew there had to be a better way—being kinky shouldn't mean being broke—so he started his own business to prove it. His girlfriend actually made the suggestion to make their own – she had recently taken a leatherworking class and had a few of the necessary tools needed to begin. For a while the leatherwork was done on Joel's living room floor until the initial growth spurt was well under way and it was time to find real facilities.

That's what The Stockroom has done from the very beginning: creating high quality kink gear that normal budgets can afford.

In the early days, people would ask me, “Where are you selling this product?” And I’d say, “Well, mostly on the Internet.”

And the next question would be, “What’s the Internet?”

From the beginning the mission of the Stockroom, in Joel's words, has always been "to build an inspired, dedicated team to deliver all the best in sexual technologies in a manner that demonstrates our respect for our clients as healthy, intelligent, sexually adventurous adults. Our commitment is to provide discreet and convenient access to high quality products at a reasonable price, and to provide educational, networking and entertainment resources to support the development of the communities we serve". Over nearly three decades that mission has led to the success of The Stockroom and the satisfaction of both customers and staff.

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