Male Stockroom Spotlight: The Open Mouth Leather Hood

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Male Stockroom Spotlight: The Open Mouth Leather Hood

Male Stockroom Blog: Product Highlight on the Open Mouth Leather Hood

We love hoods. We’ve spent years making them, selling them, and yes, wearing them. There’s a basic primal beauty to the act of transforming — or erasing — a man’s face so that he can better serve or dominate in a scene.

With the Open Mouth Leather Hood, we think that we’ve outdone ourselves in both the aesthetic and practical aspects of design. At first glance, it’s simple: The face is covered in a single, smooth texture of black leather, leaving only the mouth exposed. The cut around the mouth serves two functions: First, one of the most common reasons that subs hesitate to wear a hood is fear of having their breathing obstructed. It’s a legitimate fear; breath play is an advanced and specialized skill, and we recommend that dominants always check to make sure that their subs can breathe easily during a scene.

This design makes that easier; with the mouth and nose left open, the wearer can breathe easily, even when the scene gets intense. And then there’s the second reason; while taking away the submissive’s sight and hearing, his mouth is still easily available to pleasure Master. With this hood, there’s nothing stopping him from kissing, licking, or sucking you off with all the enthusiasm that a good Dom deserves. The opening is extra-wide, so the wearer can open his mouth to its very limits, ready to take a ball gag or a thick cock with no problem.

In addition, we’ve built this hood with two sets of laces on the side of the hood, so it’s more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. When the wearer lies down, his head will be resting on seamless black leather instead of having the laces dig into the back of his head. That one feature frees him to pay more attention to sucking and licking just the way Daddy likes it.

It’s these little touches that make the difference in your scenes. Put one of these hoods on your sub today and get back to us; we’d love to hear how this beauty works for you.

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