A blindfolded brunette man in a black leather jockstrap and boots sits on a bench. He wears padded black leather ankle cuffs from the Stockroom connected with a snap hook. His matching wrist cuffs are attached to chains hanging from the wall beside him.

Wrist and ankle cuffs are a must-have for any kinkster’s toy bag. Not just any kind will do: From leather or metal to fuzzy and fun – and even vegan options – choose carefully what kind of cuffs work best for your favorite scene. We pride ourselves on designing and carrying durable and luxurious bondage gear that will last you over the years, no matter how vigorous your play gets.

Everything we sell will hold up to enthusiastic play, but choosing the right bondage gear sets the tone of your scene. Whether you go for the classic black leather cuffs, colorful patent leather, locking metal, luxurious garment leather with gold-plated hardware, or wooden stocks can have a powerful effect on how your kinky fun plays out. Choose carefully, and let yourself get creative.

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