A shirtless brunette man is shown from the chest up in front of a fence, wearing a black leather puppy hood with ears and a muzzle from the Stockroom. He also wears black paw fist mitts and a spiked leather collar with a leash.

Blindfolds are a simple but powerful tool for kinky sex. Surrendering one’s sight makes the wearer vulnerable – and the trust implicit in such an act makes your session more deeply intimate than ever. Male Stockroom takes great care in the blindfolds we carry; whether cloth or leather, we make sure that they’re comfortable as well as secure so that you can have the same trust in your equipment as in your partner.

Hoods go a step further; they may block the sub’s sight or hearing, but they also transform or obscure their identity. When the human face disappears under a hood, it can be changed into a blank silhouette, a menacing visage, or a loyal animal, such as a pup, a pony, or even a bunny. From the simplest hoods to the most elaborate, you’ll find many ways to unleash a new part of yourself in your kinky sex scenes.

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