A brunette man with facial hair sits on a metal bench with his knees bent. His wrists and ankles are locked in the adjustable stocks from the Stockroom, made of a black metal bar with a black leather wrist cuff on each end and ankle cuffs in the middle.

Certainly, a good boy might be happy to bend over and hold himself open for you — but where’s the fun in that? A rigid, cold bar of steel forcing his arms and legs into exactly the position you want to add an extra layer of intensity into your scene. And you’ll find that there are so many possibilities, even after a brief glance.

Make your scene positively medieval with a classic pair of stocks, or collar him and yoke his arms apart; or if you’re looking for an especially nasty kind of cock play, pillory his balls. You’ll find that although spreaders look simple at first, they’re indispensable to building a serious bondage scene.

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