Male Stockroom Spotlight: The Spike Chastity Cage

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Male Stockroom Spotlight: The Spike Chastity Cage

Male Stockroom Blog: Product highlight on The Spike Chastity Cage

Sometimes you just need to lock your sub’s cock up for safekeeping. And sometimes just locking it away isn’t enough; you need a little punishment to remind him how and when he’s allowed to use that cock. For those occasions, we always keep one of these stainless steel Spike Cages on hand.

Using the Spike Cage is done for the slave’s own good of course. (Mostly) Seven concentric metal rings keep him completely locked away from any touch, fondle, or caress that isn’t expressly approved by Master. That’s agonizing in itself; but the Spike Cage has something special that goes beyond mere chastity. On each of those rings, four small but merciless spikes face inward to torment the merest twitch of the shaft. To top it off, the head is surrounded by four more spikes. Even the beginning of an erection is agony, a reminder to the sub of who that cock really belongs to. To really get the message across, the cage locks onto the base of the cock using a handcuff-style ratchet mechanism.

Does this sound needlessly cruel? We understand how it could. But naughty submissives have to learn. That’s not just the Master’s pleasure — it’s a responsibility. And when teaching hard lessons about devotion and obedience, the Spike Cage is one of the best methods we know.

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