KinkLab VibeRite® Hammerhead Masturbator Attachment

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Men: Now you can enjoy direct stimulation from a VibeRite™ or other "magical" wand-style vibrator with the Hammerhead masturbator attachment! This soft, stretchy attachment fits securely onto the head of your vibrating wand, delivering intensely pleasurable fluttering and sucking sensations when you slide the snug-fitting sleeve back and forth along the shaft of your penis.

To use, pull the base of the Hammerhead over the vibrating head of your wand. Slip your cock into the sleeve on top (we recommend being fully erect and using a little lube on the shaft) before powering on the handset. Experiment with different wand settings to find what feels best for you!

Made of TPR: a phthalate-free, synthetic elastic material that is safe for use with both water and silicone based lubricants.

This item is compatible with the VibeRite® Personal Massager.

Safety, Care & Usage:
Hand wash after each use with warm water and mild soap; let air dry. Do not share between partners, as this item cannot be sterilized.

Product Details:
• Length: 3.75in (9.5cm)
• Outer Edge of Opening: 1.75in (4.44cm)
• Outer Circumference: 5.75in (14.6cm)

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