Universal Water Works System

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Ready to go whenever you are, the Universal Water Works system takes the idea of a shower enema to the next level. The best part about this convenient enema set is that it comes with a valve adapter, so all it takes is the flick of a switch to channel the water from your shower head to the toy and back. The kit comes with three different insertable attachments for you to choose from. There is a tapered cone shaped anal probe, a rounded teardrop insert with multiple holes and a longer, and thicker bead-shaped wand with 4 bulbous ribs of pleasure for the ultimate enema.

This simple shower enema and douche kit screws directly onto your shower head, and the 6’ hose gives you flexibility to find the best position for a refreshing, erotic enema. We recommend that you pair this item with a hose type shower system. Otherwise you may need to purchase an adapter from your local hardware store to make it work.

The system includes a directional valve adapter, 3 different spray attachments for your enjoyment, hand held on and off controls, a 6’ flexible/non-crimping hose and spare washers incase you wear them out.

Product Details:
• Non-tarnishing and nickel free hose measures 6ft / 193cm
• Tapered attachment measures 3.1”/7.9 cm in length
• Spray Nozzle measures 4.7”/12 cm in length
• Bead-shaped nozzle measures 5.5”/14 cm in length

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