Two-Toned Dog Hood with Mouth Gag

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This striking Two-Toned Dog Face Hood is made of black leather with soft tan suede for the muzzle and ears. It looks like a Doberman with a zippered mouth. Very pettable!

Unzip the muzzle for full access to the mouth. It has a removable leather mouth-filling gag that snaps in but can be removed while the hood is being worn. The nose of the wearer is left uncovered inside the muzzle, and the interior has a very rich leather scent. There is an open space inside the muzzle, and there are two breathing holes in the doggy nose.

It laces up the back snugly and has a lockable buckle at the collar. There is a D-ring on the back of the collar and an O-ring on the front of the collar for attaching a leash. There is a flap of leather under the lacing to prevent hair tangles.

This high-quality, comfortable soft brown and black leather hood is ready for hard play and long-term wear.

Crawl around like a good dog in our Puppy Paw Fist Mitts.

Please Note: All returned hoods which include gags or mouthpieces are subject to a $15.00 restocking fee.

Ideal for: Puppy Play Fetish, Pet Play, Animal Role-play, Human Pup Training.

Product Details:
• Around Neck: S/M = 12.5 - 16.5 inches L/XL = 14 - 18.5 inches
• Around Forehead: S/M = 20.5 - 22.5 inches L/XL = 22.5 - 25 inches
• Features a 7/8" locking center bar, roller buckle
• Accommodates padlocks such as the Baby Nickel Plated Padlock or the Master Lock Padlock (Small)

Note: This item is produced in-house by our leather team in Los Angeles. In-house items display as "In Stock," and in a majority of cases we do have current stock on hand, but if not, the items will be made to order for you, and our customer service team will notify you promptly regarding any anticipated wait (usually just a few days). You will have the option to cancel if you do not wish to wait. If other items in your order are available immediately, the order may be sent in multiple parts.

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