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The Tailgater is a stainless steel rope bondage hook with 3 different rings and a ball on a stem that is moveable and can be adjusted for either end. The ball can be inserted anally and can stimulate the prostate. The Tailgater is over a foot long, can be used with any rope and is ideal for bondage play, dominance, and submission games. This top quality metal sex toy has an exciting and artistic design that is aesthetically pleasing and incredibly functional.

The Tailgater is constructed from top quality, heavy, medical grade, stainless steel that will not tarnish or stain because the metal does not oxidize. This device can be used with any lubricant. Stainless Steel is easy to clean, non-allergenic, and incorporates no other alloys. Lubricant is recommended using anally.

Product Details:
Small Single-Loose Ring
• Circumference: 3.3in (8.5cm)
• Diameter: 1.05in (2.70cm)
Smaller Half Figure 8 Ring
• Circumference: 3.5in (9cm)
• Diameter: 1.11in (2.86cm)

Safety, Care, and Usage: The Tailgater is very easy to clean using just antibacterial soap and warm water. This toy must be cleaned before and after every use.

Note: Contrary to what may be incorrectly stated on other sites, it is not advised that the smaller ring of this toy be used for cock crimping. The ring is for attaching rope only. Injury may occur if used improperly.

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