The Hush Pump, Portable Electric Hand Pump

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LA Pump has done it again! The Hush Pump improves on their classic model with a number of new features, including a motor that matches power with smooth, quiet operation. A few seconds is all you’ll need to build up the suction needed to bring the blood rushing through your cock into a full-blown erection.

An LED display gives a readout in millibars (mbar) of the exact pressure you’re using at any moment. A pressure release button right next to the display lets you release just enough pressure to hit the right level of suction. (Remember: Pumping should make you feel pressure, but not pain.) A fine example of sturdy engineering and design, the Hush Pump is well-suited for those who want to pump for the first time as well as longtime fans.

Product Details:
• Powered by 4 AAA batteries
• Max Pressure: 355 MBARS
• Conveniently located pressure release button.
• Automatically turns off 5 seconds after fully depressurized.

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