The Deluxe Pranger Pillory 4-Point Spreader Bar

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As soon as you cuff a sub into this exquisite four-way bondage bar, all chance of escape is gone — along with any chance of shyness. With padded leather wrist and ankle cuffs at the end of each bar, the sub is completely exposed, ready for your wickedest dreams and schemes.

The shackles rotate a full 360 degrees, giving you a surprising amount of flexibility in how you position them for your scene, while the soft padding prevents any untoward bruising or scuffing during extended scenes. This is an ideal piece of equipment to have on hand when you’re planning some hot humiliation play. Almost immediately, the sub is forced to show off everything — and keep showing off until you’re done.

Ideal for…bondage, BDSM, D/s, submissives, slave training

Product Details:
• Weight: 1.5 kg
• Shackles rotate 360 degrees
• Ankle Restraints: 30 cm long / 6.5 cm wide
• Wrist Restraints: 26 cm long / 6.5 cm wide

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