Tantus Trip 2 Tawse Silicone Paddle

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Tawses were once used as a means of corporal punishment within the Scottish school system until 1987. These leather “paddles” have a slit end, and would leave intense stinging and burning sensations on the skin. Although they are no longer used today—Tantus has created the Trip 2 Tawse so that can help you complete your sexy classroom fantasy!

Made of smooth silicone, the Trip 2 Tawse still brings intense sensations to playtime, but airs on more of a pleasurable feel. The textured grip not only makes it easy to handle, but can also be doubled as a dildo to deliver powerful stimulation. Sit your student down and give them the lesson of a lifetime!

Ideal for...school role play, spanking, Domination, BDSM, impact play, vaginal masturbation, anal play, G spot stimulation, P spot stimulation, couple's play, gender expression, strap-on play, pegging.

Product Details:
• Total length: 17”, Tongue length: 8.75”, Tongue width: 1.6”, Handle diameter: 1.48”
• Made of 100% Ultra-premium silicone
• Hypoallergenic, boilable, bleachable & dishwasher-safe
• Easy to clean
• Eco-friendly

SKU: G330

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