Tantus Progressive Beads

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This quartet of anal beads gently progresses from ¾" to 1¾" in diameter over 11” of insertable length, and their smooth silicone will flex to conform to your body’s curves. The Progressive Beads include a waterproof bullet vibe that can be tucked snugly into the beads’ anchor-shaped base to intensify your pleasure with three speeds of vibration, or removed for more covert wear in public.

For comfortable insertion, use a water-based lubricant and patience. Silicone-based lubricant may damage the beads; patience is recommended regardless. Withdrawing each bead will cause sphincter muscles to contract automatically, providing a slow crescendo towards orgasm. Cleaning the Tantus Vibrating Progressive Beads is easy; just use your favorite commercial toy cleaner or use warm water with mild soap.

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