Super Sex Sling with Cuffs

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The Super Sex Sling with Cuffs is very easy to use and helps you achieve “super sex” just like the name says. The simple design provides deeper penetration and more direct G-spot contact. It is also great for oral and anal sex.

The sling helps the person on it to raise their legs and tilt their hips quite comfortably. The legs are raised with straps attached to padded cuffs. The tension can be adjusted quite easily by raising or lowering the straps.

The head rests on a rounded black synthetic velveteen pillow. The pillow is 33” long 12” around.

The two black nylon straps have a total length of 57”, and they are both 1½” wide. The black synthetic velveteen cuffs are fully adjustable up to a maximum circumference of 15” with a 4.8” diameter. They are 2¾” wide and fasten with Velcro.

The Super Sex Sling facilitates an intense sexual experience. Penetration is deeper and all the best parts of the body are fully exposed while the rest of the body relaxes. This sling makes sensual contact easy and comfortable but also keeps it exciting.

An instructional booklet and DVD are included.

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