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Stainless Steel Clothespin Nipple Clamps

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You have a modern electric clothes dryer, so why keep clothespins around? Any devoted kinkster knows the answer to that: Because they're great for tormenting nipples and other sensitive bits.

These Stainless Steel Clothespin Nipple Clamps are intended for serious play. Not only do the jaws grab onto the wearer's nipples (or any other especially sensitive and convenient part of the body) with an unforgiving force, they're substantial enough that their weight gives a nice little tug all on its own. Once they're on, it's hard to forget that they're there.

These heavy-duty clamps are perfect for nipple stimulation, nipple torture, and sensation play. They're high-quality and durable to endure all your devious fantasies for years to come.

Product Details:
• Sold as pairs
• Length: 83 mm/3.25”
• Jaws open to 13 mm/0.5” wide.
• Made from stainless steel

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