Sissoo Rosewood Long Handle Leather Flogger

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Just holding this beautifully crafted flogger in your hand conveys a certain power. The sturdy Indian Rosewood provides a firm grip along with a touch of old-world elegance and authority.

With 45 20-inch-long falls, you can make an impact on your partner’s body — whether gently teasing or a harsh flogging — that will stay in their memories for a long time.

Want to hang your new flogger for all to see? It now includes a leather hanger strap with a crab-claw hook that makes hanging easy and painless.

Product Details:
• Number of falls: 45
• Length of falls: 20in (50.8cm)
• Materials: Dalbergia Sissoo Rosewood handle with leather falls
• Includes leather strap with crab-claw hook for hanging

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