Pubic Enemy No. 1

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If your slave seems to be getting too big for his britches, the Mystim Public Enemy No 1. Male Chastity Device will prevent any erections by keeping the problem in full view — and under lock and key. Any further disobedience can be met with a disciplinary tingle or tormenting pulse from the built-in e-stim pads on the right and left sides of his cock cage.

The electro-magnates at Mystim have combined the finest penile-restraint technology with the unmatched thrill of electrical current! Water-based lubricant or conductive gel (such as the included sample of Bonnie & Glide and The Goldfather lube) is recommended prior to e-stim play.

The 100% medical-grade platinum silicone interior conducting surfaces may be removed whenever you’d prefer to use the cage by itself. Both length and diameter are adjustable, depending on dick size (see specifications below), and the cage is secured by either the metal padlock or a zip-tie style, single-use plastic closure. Once he’s fully imprisoned, there are even printed name shields so you can properly label your property!

Finally, attach an e-stim controller such as the Mystim Tension Lover or Pure Vibes unit to the electrode cable and enjoy applying a variety of intense jolts, sensuous pulses, and twitches to your slave’s trapped, helpless member.

The Pubic Enemy Number One is a dominant’s best friend!

Product Details:
• Clear synthetic body
• 100% medical grade platinum silicone conductive surfaces (removable)
• Cage length: 3.2in/82mm, up to 3.7in/94mm w/ 4mm adjustment spacers
• Inner cage diameter: 1.3in/34mm up to 1.9in/47mm at widest point
• Inner clasp diameter: variable in 6 steps, from 1.3in/33mm to 2.0in/52mm
• Weight of chastity unit: 3.6oz/102g

• Metal padlock w/ 2 keys
• 5 single-use plastic closures, 10 name shields
• Electrode cable
• Multi-language instruction manual
• Samples of Bonnie & Glide and The Goldfather conductivity enhancer gels
• Zippered hard shell carrying case

Requires an e-stim voltage device such as Mystim Tension Lover or Mystim Pure Vibes.

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