Pubic Enemy No. 1

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Put a little extra thrill into male chastity when you pack your sub’s cock and balls neatly into this transparent cage. Not only does it prevent any unseemly erections or naughty play, but it lets you deal out instant, devastating punishment via built-in estim pads (made of 100% medical-grade silicone). What kind of shock gets delivered is up to Master, of course: depending on his whim, it can be a gentle hum, a quick jolt, or a severe shock. Whichever you choose, we find that subs quickly decide that it’s best not to test Master’s patience, and to keep those hands where they’re supposed to be.

When you don’t feel like shocking your sub’s cock, the pads can be easily removed for simple chastity play, keeping their junk on proud display while still desperately out of reach until Master says otherwise. Even without the conducting pads and an estim device, the Pubic Enemy No. 1 is still one of the most versatile male chastity devices on the market. Using the included spacers, the length of the cage can be adapted to accommodate length from 82 to 86 mm. It also includes a metal lock with two keys, five plastic seals, and ten ownership plates — so that when you lock up your sub, he stays locked up, and there’s no mistake about who controls access down there.

Note: Requires an e-stim voltage device such as Mystim Tension Lover or Pure Vibes. Water-based lubricant or conductive gel (such as the included sample of Bonnie & Glide and The Goldfather lube) is recommended before estim play.

Product Details:
• Clear synthetic body
• 100% medical-grade platinum silicone conductive surfaces (removable)
• Cage length: 3.2in/82mm, up to 3.7in/94mm with 4mm adjustment spacers
• Inner cage diameter: 1.3in/34mm up to 1.9in/47mm at widest point
• Inner clasp diameter: variable in 6 steps, from 1.3in/33mm to 2.0in/52mm
• Weight of chastity unit: 3.6oz/102g

Package Includes:
• Metal padlock w/ 2 keys
• 5 single-use plastic closures, 10 name shields
• Electrode cable
• Multi-language instruction manual
• Samples of Bonnie & Glide and The Goldfather conductivity enhancer gels
• Zippered hard shell carrying case

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