Perfect Fit Male Masturbator w/ Grip Clear

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Make a humble hand job into a truly extraordinary experience with this impeccably designed masturbation sleeve. The proprietary silicone blend, Silaskin, is tough enough to hold up to rough, enthusiastic play while smooth enough to envelop the entire shaft in a warm, velvety sensation without chafing. The result is some of the most intense cock play that we’ve ever found.

In addition, the interior is lined with a ribbing pattern of more than 16 thin fins; not only do they caress the entire cock, they create small suction chambers between the fins that suck and tease all along the length of the shaft so that all the little, hard-to-reach places get their share of pleasure. A hole in the tip lets you push the last bit of air out of the sleeve for extra-intense suction that will have the user quivering from head to toe.

Ideal for...masturbation, cock play.

Product Details:
• Made of body-safe Silaskin silicone blend

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