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Sleek, strong, soft, and stretchy, the Unit-X Stretch Sports Sling from Atomic Jock will wrap around you with just the right amount of squeeze, with an extra emphasis on your balls. If you tried the original Unit-X and wished it had more tension on your testicles, the Stretch Sports Sling version should satisfy your stretching desires with its additional inch for your balls.

A cock ring and ball stretcher in one made from an impressively stretchy, body-safe TPR blend, wears comfortably like the firm grip of a hand, not pinching or cumbersome like other cock rings, ball stretchers, or harnesses. And its unique construction works well no matter how high or low you may hang, with a small interior ring to help keep your balls pushed down.

The cock ring can deliver harder erections and more intense orgasms, while the ball stretcher helps increase sensitivity and even lengthen your balls, and all together will give a good old-fashioned strong hold on your jewels.

Safety, Care, and Usage:
Made from TPR, compatible with all lubricant types. Clean this toy with warm water and a detergent soap. Allow to air dry completely before storage.

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