Oxballs Pig-Hole Fuckplug Fistable Butt Plug

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Ready to drive a little deeper into anal pleasure? This hollow plug is made of platinum silicone, which is thin, strong, and up with use until it feels like it’s become part of the body itself. Easing the plug in is an erotic pleasure in itself, but once it’s there, it holds the anus open and ready for further exploration with fingers, a dildo, a cock, or whatever else piques your curiosity and desire.

Ideal for…fisting, ass play, anal play, extreme fisting, extreme anal.

Product Details:
• Made of Platinum Cure Silicone
• Length: 5.75”
• Width: 2.75 – 3.5”
• Largest usable circumference: 12.5”
• Smallest usable circumference: 8.25”
• Inner hole opening: 6.25”

SKU: G666

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