Obsidian Neon Wand Intensity Kit

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When you’re ready to push your electrosex play up another notch or two, KinkLab’s Obsidian Neon Wand Intensity Kit is waiting for you. This premium-level set of BDSM Gear has been picked especially for those who want to feel the lightning strike a little harder, a little more directly.
The Obsidian Neon Wand Intensity Kit turns up the heat on your electrosex experience. Power up with this premium package! Each set includes the following:

The black version of the KinkLab Neon Wand — the same model that comes in our Agent Noir Kit. The Neon Wand is a trail-blazing piece of BDSM gear that’s become revered among electrosex fans. Along with its versatility, the Neon Wand is an extremely reliable toy which doesn’t suffer from losing the current or creating sudden surges and nasty shocks — problems which have long plagued many of the other wands on the market.

The Electro-Whip features ten heavy falls of conductive silicone, and brings a rather nasty element of impact play into your electrosex scene. A quick, solid swing onto your boy’s ass or thighs with the power cranked up will produce some extremely satisfying squeals and writhing.

The two-pronged Flex Capacitor comes out when you’re ready to administer some more wicked shocks. It’s great for focusing electricity in small, specific places, such as the nipples. Perhaps the most intense electro product from KinkLab yet.

And for the final touch, we put all of these beautiful, slightly evil pieces of equipment into one discreet, stylish leather case with a zipper closure.

Note: This item is produced in-house by our leather team in Los Angeles. In-house items display as "In Stock," and in a majority of cases we do have current stock on hand, but if not, the items will be made to order for you, and our customer service team will notify you promptly regarding any anticipated wait (usually just a few days). You will have the option to cancel if you do not wish to wait. If other items in your order are available immediately, the order may be sent in multiple parts.

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