Mystim Rodeo Robin

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The Mystim Rodeo Robin is an accessory for the Tension Lover Kit. The Rodeo Robin is a penis and testicle strap set where an exciting electrical current is used to create sensuous stimulations. The fully adjustable straps are easy to use. Place one over the testicles and the other over the penis. Adjust the tightness per your individual preference.

The stimulation created is a tingling sensation that can be intensified depending on the placement of the straps. Explore a new kind of erotic pleasure with your partner through electro play!

• 1 Penis belt
• 1 Testicle belt
• 1 Connecting wire
• Made of silicone
• 12 months manufacturers warranty

Safety, Care, and Usage:
Carefully clean the strap set after use. Be sure to read all instructions diligently before using.

Mystim accessories can only be used with the Mystim power units unless otherwise specified.

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