Magnetic Nipple Power Pincher

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Is there a pair of nipples in your dungeon just begging for some delightful torment? The Power Pincher is just what you need to easily apply the right amount of pressure to make your sub squirm and squeal.

It’s small, but thanks to the force of magnetism, the Power Pincher will seize the nipples (or another tender body part) instantly. Once these are on, it’s hard to forget that they’re there, and even more so when you use them to push, twist, or pull. Whether you consider that punishment or reward is up to you. Sparkling crystals embedded in the tips add that extra touch of style that makes a session memorable.

Product Details:
• Total length (pinchers together): 1.75"
• Total length (one pincher): 7/8"
• Sold as a set of 4 Power Pinchers (two pinchers for each nipple)

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