Magnetic Nipple Balls

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Perk up your nipple play with these heavy-duty and devious Magnetic Nipple Balls. The unique design of these nipple toys creates distinct sensations that range from moderate, to very painful.

The contact surface area of each ball is quite small, helping to create more intense, pinpointed pressure. There are two sizes available to choose from: Regular, which we recommended for moderate to heavy nipple play and Heavy Duty, which is recommended for more advanced nipple play.

These Magnetic Nipple Balls are very strong and will not fall off or shift with movement. Try the Heavy Duty version with CBT play for a unique cock and ball torture experience! The magnets can also be warmed under hot water or cooled in the refrigerator to add some temperature play to your scene.

Please note that both versions of these magnetic nipple balls are extremely strong. Use caution and care when playing!

Product Details:
• Sold as pairs (4 magnetic balls)
• Regular Diameter: 0.3" (0.7cm)
• Heavy Duty Diameter: 0.5" (1.2cm)

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