LVX Floral Leather Paddle

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Whether paddling is a punishment or reward, it always feels best when you add a personal touch. This handmade paddle of solid oak wrapped in hand-dyed leather gives you exactly that. The handle is carved to sit comfortably in your hand for accurate, intense blows with every swing; the paddle itself is two layers of high-quality, full-grain leather engraved with an intricate floral pattern.

You’ll be able to feel how special this piece is the first time you heft it in your hand — or the first time it’s brought down on your ass.

Product Details:
• Body: Oak, finished
• Paddle: Hand-dyed full-grain leather
• Length: 14in (35.56cm)
• Thickness: Approximately .25in (0.64cm)
• Striking surface: 5.5in (13.97cm) round

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