Locking Rubber Penis Prison

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So, you're reading your recipe for sexual sorcery and it calls for a cock and a pair of balls, tightly encased and confined in black rubber. Who do you call? JT's Stockroom, of course!

This is a male chastity device consisting of a zippered black rubber pouch, held in place by a thick, shiny, buckling latex cock strap. The buckle is lockable, so the Prison can be locked on.

We don't rate this item as a high-security device, since in many (if not most) cases, the man who's wearing it could get it off if he made a concerted effort. However, in most cases, if the lock stays locked, he will not be able to get it back on, making the device "tamper-evident." The prison allows the genitals to be totally enclosed and confined, but still vulnerable to stimulation by touch, which will be felt through the rubber.

An intense sensory experience may result. There is a hole at the end of the pouch which will allow for fluids to flow in and out.

A Note About Sizing. If you measure the distance around of your cock and balls at their widest point when soft, that is the best indicator of which size to order.

Small: Height 3.9", Girth 9.5"
Medium: Height 4.4", Girth 10.25"
Large: Height 4.7", Girth 12"
X-Large: Height 4.9", Girth 12 1/2"

To determine Girth measurement, measure around the base of the shaft and the testicles (like measuring for a cockring, but including the testicles.)

The lock is sold separately.

All Syren items are made to order, just for you, and will take 4-6 weeks turnaround time by our Los Angeles production team.

NOTE: The default color for this item is Black. For this item in a different color or size, call us at 1-800-755-TOYS or 1-213-484-3882 or email info@stockroom.com to place your custom order. Please note that a custom surcharge fee will apply.

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