KinkLab Power Tripper (TM) Neon Wand Attachment

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KinkLab’s Power Tripper electrode is something truly special in electrosex gear. With this plugged into the Neon Wand and pressed against your skin, you become the electrode: Every touch, every kiss, every lick will literally make your partner tingle with electricity. Your bodies will literally make sparks jump between the two of you. A kiss will give you shivers; cocksucking becomes an entirely new experience for giver and receiver alike.

Depending on how high you turn the Neon Wand, the sensations range from a mild buzz to a sharp bite, so be careful to get the power to just the right level. The highly-conductive materials and wiring of the Power Tripper give it a unique precision; at lower levels, it can produce sensations as intense at what other body contact electrodes achieve when the power is cranked up all the way. Whether you’re an electrosex newbie or a long-time connoisseur, this is one piece of gear that you need to have in your repertoire.

WARNING: The Power Tripper™ is to be used ONLY with the Neon Wand® or other products tuned for this device that are manufactured by Stockroom, Inc. IMPORTANT: the PowerTripper™ is a highly stimulating toy intended only for use by adults of sound mind and body. To avoid risk of personal injury, you must read the directions and safety information in the enclosed manual before you first use this device.

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