KinkLab Obsidian Neon Wand Intensity Kit

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For those who want a little more from their electrosex play, we gathered our most intense attachments with a sleek, black Neon Wand into a single package. This premium kit really turns up the voltage on your electrosex experience — and then some. Here’s what you get:

One Black Neon Wand, as seen in our Agent Noir Kit. Kinklab’s Neon Wand has become renowned as the most user-friendly, stylish, and safe electric wand on the market. Unlink other wand-style electrosex toys, we’ve eliminated the problem of changes in current when you move the wand. This is a frequent flaw in other brands, which results in a sudden drop in current, or worse — sudden surges creating rogue shocks — when you tip the wand. Move the Neon Wand back and forth as needed, confident that the power will remain level, even when the wand itself isn’t.

Electro-Whip Attachment: With ten falls of conductive silicone, this mini-flogger packs a punch when you turn on the juice and start swinging. The shock combined with the impact is the ultimate one-two strike. Your sub will be squirming and crying with that delicious combination of pain and pleasure.

The Flex Capacitor: To deliver a concentrated, intense shock, you can’t beat this forked attachment. The two prongs at the end are great for delivering precisely targeted shocks to small, tender body parts like the nipples.

Get all of these together in one box, ready to make some trouble right away, or stored discreetly until the time is right.

Extra long power cord: 8 foot cord is 2 full feet longer than similar devices.

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