KinkLab Neon Wand (R) Electrosex Kit

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The Neon Wand is the flagship device of KinkLab’s ElectroErotic line, and since its introduction, it’s gained an enthusiastic following among electrosex fans. Its solid-state construction allows it to be used at multiple angles without sudden changes in the output (a common problem in similar wands). Thanks to an extensive collection of electrodes and attachments you can explore every sensation from gentle hums and tingles on the flesh to sharp, electrified impact play.

How intense do you want your sensation? Between a multi-level dial on the wand itself and your choice of electrode, you have total control over what kind of feeling, and how intense it is. The Neon Wand Kit comes with four electrodes to start with: the Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90° Probe, Tongue Tube. Even with just these four, you have an incredible amount of sensation to experiment and play with. Attachments with wider surfaces like the Electrode Comb spread the power over a larger area, and tend to feel mild in comparison to narrow electrodes like the 90° Probe, which focuses all the power into a single spot. Electrodes like the 90° Probe are great for tormenting small body parts like the nipples with sharp, intense zaps. When playing with one of the more focused electrodes for the first time, you’ll want to start with the dial turned down low and ease the power up slowly, testing just how much your partner can take.

The electrical current flowing through the Neon Wand’s electrodes doesn’t just feel great; the glow adds a beautiful, powerfully erotic energy to the bedroom or dungeon. That’s why we offer you your choice of colors: You can electrify your sex life with red or purple sparks.

What Makes the Neon Wand Different?

Our development team put over 20 years of experience with electric ray wands and fetish products to come up with a device that transcended all the most common flaws of similar products:

• Lightweight and Compact: Wands have a long-established history of being bulky heavy. The Neon Wand, on the other hand, is light and easy to handle, so that you can direct more attention at your partner and what hot wickedness you’re going to do next.

• Lower Maximum Settings: Even cranked up to full power, the Neon Wand doesn’t get quite as intense – even painful – as traditional wands. This makes it a safer and more accessible choice for beginners or those who simply like a more sensual approach to electroplay.

• Longer Power Cord: At 8’ long, the power cord is a good 2 feet longer than similar devices.

• Solid State Construction: Made with no moving parts inside, you can change the angle of the wand without sudden drops or surges in the power level. The solid-state construction also helps ensure a longer life for your device. Grab your wand today and do some magic on your partner’s body – or have them do some to you.

Grab your wand today and do some magic on your partner’s body – or have them do some to you.

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