KinkLab Jawbreaker Gag (PVC)

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This new and improved version of our Patent Pending Jawbreaker Gag™ is simpler and more colorful than its leather predecessor. Rather than a metal bit and leather straps, this gag consists of the PVC strap threaded through a plastic tube directly through the candy.

This makes cleaning the gag easier than ever before. Perfect for the BDSM beginner, or for more experienced hands who want a change from the same old bitter, rubber ball, this gag makes everything in the bedroom sweeter.

Please read the following: For novelty use only. Actual use can cause heavy salivation which can lead to choking. If used, the wearer should be upright and monitored heavily. Do not use while in any position other than upright and make sure the wearer has hands free and is able to remove gag themselves.

Product Details:
• Available in red and black.
• Straps are PVC plastic with an aluminum buckle.
• Candy Diameter 1.75in/4.4cm
• Candy Circumference 5.5in/13.8cm
• One size fits most. Strap measures from 13.25-22.5 inches (33.4-57.2cm)
• Also available with leather strap

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, please refer to the State of California's FAQ page:

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