KinkLab Heart-On Heart Shaped Electrode

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Who says romance is dead? Not us and this winning heart-shaped attachment for KinkLab's neon wand proves it. When you're looking to add to the e-stim probes that came with your original Neon Wand kit, this attachment will breathe new life into your electrosex play.

The Heart-On Probe spreads the charge from the Neon Wand across a larger surface area for a more spread-out, less intense tingling sensation than more focused probes.

KinkLab's Neon Wand is an innovative departure from the classic violet wand, with no moving parts or other features known to interrupt or compromise current. With its sensitive intensity dial, extensive collection of supplementary attachments, and electrode use options, the Neon Wand offers the most unique experience in electrosex.

Product Details:
• Length: 7 inches/18cm
• Diameter of Heart: 2 inches/5cm
• Clean with isopropyl alcohol 75% or greater

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