KinkLab Electro-Whip Neon Wand Attachment

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Make a shocking impact on your partner(s) when you plug this flogger into the KinkLab Neon Wand and take a swing. The ElectroWhip combines a classic mini-flogger with 10 falls made of conductive silicone with an electrical connector. The result is that when you bring it down on a play partner’s back, thigh, or other tender place, it delivers a sharp, powerful shock along with the sting of the whip. Even without the juice running through them, the Electro-Whip’s falls can pack a punch. When you connect it to the Neon Wand and start to turn up the power level — well, that’s when it becomes something very special.
Compared to the glass electrodes used with the Neon Wand, the materials used in the Electro-Whip greatly intensify the sensations created. At milder settings its bite is reduced, making it an appealing toy for players of all experience levels. But be sure to exercise caution: At higher settings, this whip really packs a wallop!

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