Fleshlight Stroker Rex Machine Adaptor

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When you’ve got the Rex Machine out and ready to go, but you want to be doing the penetrating, the Fleshlight Stroker Adaptor is exactly what you need.

Just slip it on to the Rex Machine’s shaft and the receptacle will hold the base of all available standard-model Fleshlights. Lube it up, slip in, and turn on the remote for intense, hot pleasure that feels like being in an especially enthusiastic partner.

Product Details:
• Total Length: 3in (7.6cm)
• Width: 3in (7.6cm)
• Height (without screw attachment): 3.38in (8.5cm)
• Weight: 0.2 lbs
• Includes screw to attach to machine
• Intended to be used with the Rex Machine
• Fleshlight shown is sold separately

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