ElectraStim Uni-Polar General Purpose Clamps (x2)

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Power up and clamp down with this pair of uni-polar e-stim clamps. Made especially for genital play, they have an adjustable grip that can give you anything from a light pinch to a severe bite, and that's what you get before you turn on the power. Comes with a 60 ml tube of conductive gel to ensure that the juice flows smoothly. Don't use these on the nipples (or anywhere above the waist) when the power is active.

Product Details:
• Dimensions: .25" (10mm) across at the tips. Jaws are adjustable from 7mm to 20mm.
• Materials: Diecast Zinc
• Electrode type: Unipolar; uses 1x2mm plug or 1x4mm banana plug

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