ElectraStim Tadpole Flexi Egg Probe

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For either anal or vaginal stimulation, the ElectraStim "Tadpole" is a graceful-looking piece of equipment that delivers sensation just where you need it. Whether you crave a subtle hum or something more intense, the Tadpole is more than capable of delivering to just the right place.

Once it's inside, use the Tadpole's "tail" to maneuver into the right spot, add some pressure, or back off a little if you're feeling over-stimulated. The tail gives you 5 ½" to grip, so you have a solid, secure grip, especially when you're doing anal play. With a 3.75" circumference and 2" of length, the egg is hefty enough to fill even the greediest playmate's appetite.

Product Details:
• Egg: 2" long x 3.75" around at widest point.
• Tail: 5.5" with silicone insulation
• Contacts made of marine-grade aluminum

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