ElectraStim Silicone Fusion Infinity Pinwheel

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When you look at a beloved classic of kink like the Wartenberg Wheel and imagine how it could go even farther, you get The ElectraStim Infinity Pinwheel. Beautiful to the eye and sensual to the touch, The Fusion Infinity is softer and more flexible than its predecessor, with the added delight of electrical current flowing through two spikey wheels.
The Infinity Pinwheel is a great choice for your first explorations into electrosex. It’s easy to maneuver along the contours of the body, hitting the pleasure points while avoiding the places that are a little bit too tender. With only a little effort, the Infinity Pinwheel produces electro sensations that tantalize the senses in unexpected ways.

Product Details:
• Length: 120mm (4.75")
• Width: 58mm (2.25")
• Depth: 35mm (1.4")
• Connector Size: 2mm
• Requires e-stim powerbox to use (we recommend an ElectraStim powerbox)
• Material: Platinum cured medical grade silicone

Safety: As with all electrosex products, Infinity is designed for use below the waist only.

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