ElectraStim Remote Controlled Stimulator Kit

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Near, far, wherever you are- best believe that ElectraStim’s Remote Controlled Stimulator Kit will transform how you experience electro-erotic stimulation! This toy has the amazing power to send you partner pleasure at up to a range of 60 meters away. If you’re looking for a totally discreet way of teasing and pleasing your partner anywhere at any time, then look no further than this Remote Controlled Stimulator Kit.

Enjoy delectable motion-activated stimulation that coordinates with your body’s movements. Great for slave-training or driving your lover wild. The Remote Controlled Stimulator includes other toe-curling settings such as the Trigger Mode for customized stimulation, and Boost Mode for a powerful burst of energy and motion-sympathetic pleasure.

Product Details:
• High intensity single channel stimulation
• Wire-free control up to 60 meters/200 feet
• 18 intensity levels
• 7 pre-programmed pattern settings
• Motion-activated stimulation (omni-directional)
• Trigger mode for customized control and tailored stimulation patterns
• Boost button to increase stimulation intensity by 25% in a short burst
• Battery powered transmitter and receiver with low battery indicators
• Signal reception confirmation beeper (can be muted)
• LED display
• Intuitive tactile controls
• High quality manufacturing and finish

SKU: G378

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