ElectraStim "Jack Socket" Electro Stroker, Standard

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You’ll never hear us tell you not to stick things in the electrical socket. At least, not if it’s the Jack Socket Electro Stroker. Taking your cock out, driving it deep into the textured silicone sleeve, and stroking away until you come is just about one of the nicest things that you can do for yourself — or a friend. When connected to a stimulator box of your choice, the Jack Socket is one of the most powerful sensual experiences that you can have. Electrostimulation intensifies the pleasure of each stroke along the shaft. The flexible outer case allows you to vary the pressure of your grip, and using your stimulator unit, you can choose the right level of electricity to make your cock hum, shiver, and shake.
To accommodate users of every size, the Jack Socket comes in two different sizes: Standard and XL The larger size is built to accommodate cocks with a girth up to 1.9 inches in diameter. In addition to a little extra space, the XL’s texture has a series of indented ribs designed to give a subtle suction along the shaft as you thrust in and out. The Standard texture is textured with raised bumps that squeeze snugly against the cock for intense stroking action.
Product Details:
• Package includes Stroker case & internal components, non-anatomical realistic inner sleeve, 60g tube of conductive gel, sample lubricant, & instructions
• Made of platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone & TPE construction
• Replacement inner sleeves available
• Dimensions: Inner Sleeve length (open-ended): 100mm (4")
Standard Orifice minimum diameter: 25mm (1”)
Standard Orifice maximum diameter: 40mm (1.6”)
XL Orifice minimum diameter: 37mm (1.45")
XL Orifice maximum diameter: 48mm (1.9")

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