ElectraStim Flick Stimulator Pack

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You can always rely on The Flick electrosex stimulator pack to get you off! This new, sleeker, and rechargeable model of ElectraStim’s classic version offers you 7 settings with different patterns and pulsations.

Choose from 24 intensity modes that accompany each setting to customize your pleasure. The Flick also features a “rhythmic stimulation” that can synchronize with hand moves for totally unique experiences.

Product Details:
• Patented “Flick” motion-activated feature
• USB rechargeable
• Low battery indicator
• Easy to use & great for beginners
• Intensified pleasure during all sexual activities
• Ideal for masturbation, foreplay or as a couple’s sex toy during penetrative sex
• 7 stimulation settings including continuous stimulation, pulsation and escalation
• 24 intensity levels
• Soft-touch control unit with push buttons and LED display
• Small size
• Built to the highest standards
• 3.74” x 2.25” x 0.75”

SKU: G374

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