ElectraStim Extreme Electro Butt Plug

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Sometimes size really does matter, especially with anal e-stim play. The ElectraStim Extreme Electro Butt Plug series is designed to satisfy those who have come to love butt sex through a lot of experience -- and still want MORE.

Available in three sizes, the smallest, the Intruder, gives you 4.1" of insertable aluminum with 6.15" circumference at the widest point. If that's not enough, move up to the Invader, a somewhat more challenging 4.7" long, with 7.4" around. If that's still not enough, try out the Intimidator. There just couldn't be a better name for this one; at 5.3" long and a whopping 8.3" around at the widest point, it's a challenge that will make your body shiver and shake even before you start to let the power flow.

All sizes are bi-polar electrodes designed for internal use and to be powered by one of the ElectraStim power units.

Ideal for…anal play, masturbation, ass training, electrosex, e-stim, sex enhancement.

Product Details:
• Materials: Marine-grade aluminum; acrylic isolator strip; nitrile insulating rings at the base.
• Electrode type: Bi-polar, uses 2 2mm pin connectors.
• Dimensions for Intruder (Small): 4.1" insertable length; 6.15" widest circumference.
• Dimensions for Invader (Medium): 4.7" insertable length; 7.4" widest circumference.
• Dimensions for Intimidator (Large): 5.3” insertable length; 8.3" widest circumference.

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