ElectraStim Electro Butt Plug

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Made from marine-grade aluminum, this is a good, solid toy worthy of any ass craving some electrical pleasure. All by itself, it’s already a quality toy to push “back there,” but once you plug it into a power box, you’re going to feel an entirely different dimension of pleasure. The current runs below the surface of the rectal muscles, making them tingle and contract in a way that can’t be matched by simple penetration.

Whether you want some gentle anal stimulation, or you’re looking to turn your BDSM play up to 11, this electrode will deliver. It comes in three sizes, so we have you covered no matter how experienced you are or what size you’re craving.

At a relatively petite 2.2" of insertable length, the "Mini" Electro Butt Plug goes in easily, providing you a gentle introduction to undiscovered pleasures of estim "back there." The "Midi" plug takes you another step forwards at 2.75" long and 5" at its widest circumference. The "Maxi" plug gives especially hungry anal players a generous 3.5" to play with.

Product Details:
• Length: Small (Mini) - 2.2" (56mm) insertable;
Medium (Midi) - 2.75" (70mm) insertable;
Large (Maxi) - 3.75" (85mm) insertable;
• Circumference: Small (Mini) - 3.7" at widest point;
Medium (Midi) - 5" (40mm)
Large (Maxi) - 6.25" (50mm)
• Materials: Marine-grade aluminum with an acrylic isolator strip. Base has insulated rings of nitrile.
• Connectors: 2 2mm pin connectors.

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