ElectraStim "ElectraPaddle" Leather Spanking Paddle

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Why choose between impact play that's "stingy" or "thuddy"? This paddle offers a little of both. Covered with smooth, black leather, the real feature is the three chrome electrodes on the surface, ready to add extra bite when you bring the paddle down on your favorite bottom. The electrodes are only on one side, so you can easily alternate between a swat with electrical sting and one that's just a regular, old-fashioned slap.

The ElectraPaddle is bipolar, so it works very effectively by itself, but it becomes even more powerful in tandem with other electrical toys. Cinch an ElectraLoop cock ring on your sub, for example, and drive them crazy with zaps in front and back.

Please note that you need electroconductive gel to get the full impact of the paddle, and you should always be careful to keep the level of current within the sub's limits.

Product Details:
• Dimensions: 13.25" from tip to tip; striking surface is 9" long
• Materials: Leather with chromed steel
• Electrode Type: Bipolar; takes 2x 2mm pin connectors

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