ElectraStim Bi-Polar General Purpose Clamp

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Clips and clamps are a standard part of every toy box that we've ever seen, but this one goes far beyond the standard. The jaws will put a light but very satisfying pinch on the penis, testicles, or anywhere else below the waist. The real bite comes from the tingle of the current running through the clamp and onto your body. The secret is that these small clamps focus the electricity into a small, precise area for sudden, strong sensation.

We recommend that you start the power off at a low level and slowly work your way up as far as the wearer wants to take it.

Product Details:
• Dimensions: 0.25" across at tip; clamp opens to 2.25".
• Materials: Stainless steel tips with acrylic handles
• Electrode Type: Unipolar

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