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The ElectraStim AXIS is a high-spec, dual-output electrosex stimulator that offers an incredibly customizable experience with multiple sensors that can detect proximity, voice, gestures, and even tilting the box back and forth. There are so many options and combinations available in this one unit that we’re still exploring all the possibilities. Not only is it highly adaptable, it’s adds accessibility to your dungeon or bedroom. People with mobility limitations may find it much easier to use voice commands or gestures than turning knobs and switches.

The firmware in AXIS is updatable, and ElectraStim plans to unlock more features in the future. So if it already seems like there’s a lot crammed into this one little stimulator box — there’s going to be more.

AXIS has dual independently-controlled outputs, which allow you to connect two bipolar or four unipolar toys at once. With 50 different intensities at your command, you can deliver anything from a mild tingle to full-on contractions. Experienced electro fans will not only appreciate the level of power but also the smooth and concise delivery of every wave or pulse.


1. Wave: 11 different Wave and massage patterns have been incorporated for those who just want to set the box, lean back, and feel the pleasure. Choose one, set the intensity, and AXIS does the rest.
2. Pulse: 12 different pulse patterns that penetrate deep into muscles and at higher intensity levels, will make you clench and contract in spasms of pleasure.
3. Flick: 5 different motion-activated options in ElectraStim’s patented Flick mode allow you to play all sorts of devious tricks on your sub, including “virtual spanking” or “virtual wanking” depending on what accessory you plug in — and what’s on your mind.
4. Tilt: Exactly what it says: Lean the unit forward to push the intensity up or lean it back to bring the intensity down. Tilt has 5 different options; build your own custom patterns that respond to the angle of AXIS!
5. Proximity: In Proximity Mode, every wave, thrust, or other movement in front of AXIS’s sensor will trigger stimulation to the accessories plugged into the box. The closer your hand (or other body part) is to the sensor, the more intense the stimulation. Set your desired intensity, then use Proximity to manipulate the ebb and flow of the current. Try putting AXIS between your body and your partner’s during sex, and see what kind of buzz your thrusts, squirms, and strokes will create.
6. Microphone: The difference between being a moaner and a screamer means a lot more when you switch on AXIS’s mic.With 10 sensitivity levels that can pick up everything from a delicate whisper to wild cries of passion, you have a wide range of options to create your own scenario with the power of your voice.
7. Line in: Plug your favorite tunes or specialist electro audio patterns from a phone, computer, or other device, and rock out with estim. The possibilities when using stereo sound input are literally endless. Choose from 5 different Line-In options.
8. Gesture Mode: Much like Proximity Mode, this allows you to control AXIS without touching it, but with even more nuance and flexibility. Pass your hand vertically over the unit to boost the intensity of both channel; downwards to decrease them. A sideways gesture to the left increases Channel 1’s intensity; one to the right increases Channel 2. You can even cycle through the menus and patterns with gestures.
Boasting a high speed 32-bit ARM Cortex micro-processor, AXIS can process input data in real-time and translate it into high-quality, ultra-smooth stimulation signals. Multiple internal timers and communications interfaces have allowed us to also integrate a revolutionary gesture/proximity sensor, a 12-bit triple-axis accelerometer and battery fuel gauge - all displayed on a bright and crisp OLED graphic display. As with the Flick and Flick Duo stimulators, AXIS has fully regulated output control circuitry which means that stimulation levels do not drop as the internal battery discharges. Whether you use the in-built microphone for voice control, or the line-in to utilize sound files on your computer or smart phone, you can be assured of the purest sound control thanks to the implementation of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms.
Warranty and Protection

AXIS comes with a 1 year warranty as standard which can be extended to 3 years for free. All warranty registrants will also be contacted directly when new firmware updates are available.

AXIS is presented in a branded storage case that also has a small amount of spare storage space.

Included in the case:

AXIS (EM200)
Belt clip
USB charging/data cable
Stereo Line-in cable
2 x ElectraStim accessory cables
4 x conductive pads
Reset pin

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