ElectraStim Additional Transmitter Unit Only

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This Transmitter Unit is ideally paired with the ElectraStim Receiver Unit. This transmitter has the power to “transform the way you experience electrostimulation”. Control your partner’s pleasure from up to 200 feet meters away- allowing you to tease them wherever, whenever.

*Please note, if you are purchasing this transmitter unit by itself as a replacement or backup, you must make sure that you are getting the model that correlates with the frequency of your current unit. Example: if you own a 433MHz Receiver, then you will need to purchase the 433MHz Transmitter.

Product Details:
• ElectraStim Additional Receiver Unit REQUIRED (sold separately)
• Control your partner’s pleasure remotely - up to 200 feet away
• 7 stimulation modes
• 18 stimulation intensity levels
• Boost feature - Increases power temporarily by 25%
• Trigger/Zap mode
• Multi-directional, high-sensitivity movement sensor
• Conductive pads and batteries included

SKU: G379

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