Deluxe Shower Bidet

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Many people have asked us for a douche/enema nozzle that is outfitted for use as a shower attachment. This product is the best value for quality and price we can find.

The nozzle is 6" (15cm) long, attached to a metal hose 1.7 meters (almost 6 feet) long. On the other end is a valve which is designed to screw into your shower. Then both your shower head and the 6-foot hose attach to the valve. In one position, the valve will direct the water flow to the device, and in the other position the water goes straight to the shower head as it normally would.

We have seen similar units at lower prices, but also of inferior quality. For example, many times the nozzle and/or the valve unit are made from cheaper and less-durable plastic parts. The hose may be shorter, and the connections may leak, etc. We feel confident in this product's value.

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